Veterans help Afghanistan rebuild infrastructure and education system

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A new research project of mine keeps me in tuned with hours of online video production, mostly about Afghanistan information.  When I watch these videos my brain is usally picked by all the room for developement. I look at it as an almost United States during the settlement era where all you had to do was have a dream to build yourself a life and of course everyone can now see where the dreams of a few settlers has gotten us. It seems most people stray away from a country like this due to Afghanistans current events as well as its past.

It all has to begin with the education of Afghanistan, educating the youth, showing and teaching there is a better life than that of the Taliban way. The children of Aghanistan I've encountered were excited, very determind to attend schools of any kind, some even learning English.  The education system of Afghanistan is nothing like ours, they will learn to read, write, possibly math and unless the they live in a developed city like Kabul or Kandahar, that is where education ends for them. Its going to be a slow process but with the help of Filmannex opening its first internet port in Herat, this is the beginning.


As well as providing internet  Filmannex will be providing veteran business opportunies for investors of (G.I.V.E) Global Initiative for Veteran Entreprenuership, which will help Afghanistan slowly but consistanly progress in business growth. I've fought in peacekeeping efforts of Afghanistan and would like to help rebuild it.


Lance Rider, a fellow Marine brother of mine, could be one of first American Restaurants opening to help Afghanistan diversify, as well as Shane Loughner opening physical care for the many farm laborers, and of course the many Afghan Army soldiers who need a good doctor. Medical resources are limited and Fimnannex can start to (G.I.V.E) Afghanistan what it needs to rebuild. We could invest billions into rebuilding, if we do not invest in the Afghan people first, it will all be a waste of money. The best jobs out there for veterens with dreams wait in a place that they are familiar with and comfortable I can say. I can see what Filmannex has already done when it comes to educating myself on business these past few months. I'm confident it can help (G.I.V.E) Afghanistan a jumpstart in a new life for the many Afghans who more than deserve a good life.


Make sure to check out more veteran blogs by my fellow Marines.  Also look into what could be the future business proposals of Marine Veterens Lance Rider and Shane Loughner, as well as nine other business orientated veterans  in their WebTV's. It's time to (G.I.V.E) Afghanistan a future as well as making the hard work and dedication of combat veterans pay off.


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