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Hello, guys. 

The last couple of days were dedicated to our video for kick starter. It actually appeared to be not the easiest task for members of "our crew".
First, we could not find a proper spot for shooting. It was a problem, because we wanted the video to be taped outside, and most of parks in the city don't allow you to do it. Second, the weather seemed was teasing us. It would be clear to notice that the nature's mood swings drove me crazy. Eventually, we did a great job, but that was just one of the first steps on the way to success .
Yesterday we had to rerecord the voices over the ones we had on the video. I honestly don't know what it's called properly as I am not familiar with the professional terminology. However, the fact is we spent around 4 hours doing that. I wouldn't say it was easy for me to replicate myself, the same intonation and tone of voice; but it was not exhausting either. 
The third step of the whole process was writing the description for our project. We need this information for in order to let people know what the project is all about, and how we are ready to approach it. It also contains valuable information for those who are ready to contribute financially. We indeed want to appear unique, and get as much money as possible in order to cover our expenses, for this reason we had to think twice or maybe even more before we summarized and outlined the main points.
We are still working on the video. We want to make sure that everything is done properly. For all of you who want to see what we've been working on, please, wait for about a week.  You will find a link for our "masterpiece" in one of my future posts.
Have a wonderful day.
Ivan K

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