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Video Trial by Fire is a NASA video which contains a description of the Orion spacecraft flight testing in December.

Two months left before the launch of NASA spacecraft called Orion. In order to introduce the newest aircraft, NASA (Wednesday, 8/10) released a video titled Trial by Fire. The video shows the Orion flight test details including various important systems that will be evaluated by the technicians on the December 4th flight. In future missions, spacecraft Orion will carry astronauts into the solar system further away than ever before, including to asteroids and Mars.

Citing NASA, Orion has entered the final stages of preparation for an unmanned flight test as far as 3.600 miles above the Earth. In a mission that lasted 4,5 hours, many systems are needed for human missions to the space in the future will be tested. After two orbits, Orion will re-enter Earth's atmosphere at a speed of nearly 20.000 miles per hour. Orion also will reach temperatures approaching 4.000 degrees Fahrenheit before the parachute system is positioned to slow down while landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a video of Orion: Trial by Fire:

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