Violence against women

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It is also a shocking more  percent of women experience violence in their lives .


But I am happy that women already play an important role in everyday life as a teacher - doctors - midwives and civil servants play in Afghanistan .

There is great hope for the future generations Afghanistan - to 2 million girls are now going to school in Afghanistan , but the Taliban did not allow girls to go to school .

We must understand that violence against women in Afghanistan and throughout the world is a long term challenge

It is also better for Afghan women to play an important role in Afghan society . 


I think the progress achieved in protecting Afghan women has reached a turning point .

Afghan women and girls  from  the days of Taliban to now, have achieved remarkable progress and greater access to education - are medical services and technologies .

Afghan women to come forward and never want to go back a step

Will not return to the days of Taliban rule


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Asra Omid is an Afghan girl, she was born in April 28 , 1994 in Herat,Afghanistan .she finished school two years ago in 2011 from Mahjoba Heravi high school . she is a member of the National unity tribes assembly of Afghanistan ,and she is a blog writer at film…

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