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Vitamins are chemical compounds.they are usually present in less amount in the food but are absolutely essential for healthy life.They are not sources of energy but their lack in the diet causes a variety of diseases

There are many kinds of vitamins such as vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin C,vitamin D,vitamin E and vitamin K

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is formed in the intestinal wall from the yellow pigment called carotene.
Sources of Vitamin A
Carrot,sweet potatoes.pumpkin,spinach,tomatoes,bananas,peaches,plums and certain green vegetables are the natural sources of vitamin A
Absence of this vitamin in our body causes night blindness and drying of skin.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B has many kinds called vitamin B complex.
They are vitamin B,vitamin B2,B6,B12 and others
These vitamins are found in wheat grains,milk,egg,meat and fresh vegetables
The deficiency of vitamin B causes a disorder called beri beri,which makes muscles weak.
If vitamin B is not in sufficient ammount in our body,it may causes cracked lips,sore toungue and also efects normal growth.
Vitamin B is important in nervous system.certain bacteria in our large intestine also prepares vitamin B.When we takes antibiotics,we are also advised to take vitamin B complex tablets or syrup.

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