Vlogging 101: Using Video to Gain Traffic

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As a marketer, your blog serves as a trusted and knowledgeable source of information for customers. This level of trust can result in more customers, more visibility, and more sales. It is only natural that you would try to find new and exciting ways to boost your blog. One way you can gain more traffic to your blog is by implanting video. Here how to get started vlogging.

Create a Series
People love watching videos. However, do you know what they love even more? They love to watch something familiar. Some of the most watched YouTubers host a web series that fans flock to. Try creating an exciting series of videos that hinge on a theme. For example, if you run a cleaning blog, you might consider creating weekly “How to” videos that demonstrates new techniques for tidying up your home. Each week tackles a different cleaning problem.

Vlogging on YouTube
Like we have mentioned before in our “How to Market Videos on YouTube” article, there are more than 1 billion people using YouTube every month. While you should upload your video to you blog, creating a YouTube channel will greatly benefit your blog. Your video has the potential to be seen by a wide audience. Adding a link to your blog on your YouTube channel will help drive people to your site, where they can see your content.

Using the Power of Social Media
Social media is critical to vlogging. The best vlogs engage directly with their audience through some form of social media. Using Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram might be the best way to speak with your audience. There are also plenty of creative ways to use social media to generate new content and ideas. Look through your comment and see what people are talking about. You can also ask your audience what videos they would like to see, or respond directly to a question a lot of people may have about your niche.

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