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X Factor Indonesia is a reality television music competition from Indonesia. Its goal is to find new singing talent. The winner receives a 1 billion rupiah and a recording contract with Sony Music Indonesia.

The show

X Factor Indonesia first premiered on December 28, 2012 on RCTI. The British The X Factor franchise was also adapted in The Philippines and in Vietnam.

The competition is open to both solo artists and groups and has no upper age limit. Each judge is assigned one category (boys between 15 and 25, girls between 15 and 25, individuals 26 and over, or groups).


The judges

The judges for X Factor Indonesia are also mentors for their category. They help the contestants with song choices, styling and staging. They judge contestants from the other categories and are trying to be the winning judge.

The original judging panel included Ahmad Dhani, Rossa, Anggun, and Bebi Romeo, with Robby Purba as the host.


The winners

There have been two winners of X Factor Indonesia so far: Fatin Shidqia in 2014 and Jebe & Patty in 2015.



The Indonesian version of The X Factor's second season has accumulated over 6 million public votes.

FremantleMedia, who produces American Idol in the US, introduced the Google Search voting platform in 2014. They used the same technology for X Factor Indonesia, which became the second TV show in the world to allow its audience to vote via social media.


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Watch a video from X Factor Indonesia below:

JEBE & PETTY - OVER YOU (Winning Song) - Result & Reunion - X Factor Indonesia 2015

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