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Everyone is working to fulfilling his/her responsibilities. All of us are doing different tasks either for ourselves or maybe for someone else. We are repeating the same things every day. Sometimes we just get fed up with everything around us. We get bored of being a puppet. All the desires cool down at that stage and we just want to stop. At that point, all we want is a motivationMotivation helps us to get up again.

"Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one's direction to behaviour, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour. A motive is what prompts the person to act in a certain way, or at least develop an inclination for specific behaviour."

Source: wikipedia

How to motivate yourself?


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But the question arises how to get a motivation? How to build up the motivation level? All these questions will be answered if you give some time to this post. In this blog, I am giving you different ways of getting motivated.


1. Setting crystal clear goals will motivate you

All of us are doing different jobs, even if we don’t like it. We are doing such jobs in which we don’t even have interest. In these type of jobs, you will never be able to give your 100% as you are not focused towards it.


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Set the goal or aim for yourself according to your interest. If you will have a specified goal then you don’t have to wonder here and there. Setting goals will lead you towards that journey which enters the world of your dreams. A stray person would not be able to achieve destiny. So, choose your journey, chose your area of interest so, that you can excel.


2. Rewarding yourself each day will motivate you


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Most of the people among us are willing to do enormously, but the problem is that they are not motivated. Their work is not appreciated. Such an ignorance, take away all the potential they have. They did not do their task with all their heart.

If we get rewarded or appreciated each day for our work, we can do better. It means rewarding yourself is an important factor. Don’t wait for other people to come forward for appreciating you rather do it by yourself. Appreciate yourself each day that today I have done better than yesterday. Observe your performance and reward yourself.


3. Learning from mistakes will motivate you 

We fail one time again we get fail and third time we quit. We say to ourselves that “I can’t do that”. This is how we accept our failure and plan to never try again. But, if after getting fail,  for once if we try to see our mistakes and improve them; this can transform our failure into success.


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All of us are human beings mistakes are part of our life. So, why don’t we learn from mistakes rather than crying? With every mistake, try to learn something new from that. This journey of doing mistakes and learning from them will lead you towards perfection. You will be perfect in your job if you continue the journey of learning from mistakes.


4. Challenging yourself will motivate you


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We are doing the same job each day that cause us boredom. At this time, challenge yourself, set tasks for yourself. Motivate yourself that I will have to complete that task at any cost. This challenge will make you focused on your work. You will never give up before completing the task. Hence, challenging yourself helps you to be motivated.


5. Thinking positively will motivate you


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Our motivation level depends on the way we think. Positive thinkers brought new ideas and implement them. While negative thinkers always think about the difficulties and fears. Motivation is directly related to positive thinking. People with positive thoughts are always motivated.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”


6. By watching motivational videos


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You can get motivation by watching different motivational videos or by reading motivational quotes. There are many people around us to make us down. But, we don’t have to focus on them rather we have to focus only on good things. Listen to the stories of successful people for getting energy. If you do so regularly, your motivation level will always be high. Listen to some motivational speakers on youtube like Sandeep MaheshvariVivek Bindra etc. Their videos energize you. Here is one video for you. 

Video Credits: Dr Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker via https://www.youtube.com

7. Commit to doing your best will motivate you

Committing something is one of the hardest things. As the quote says:

“Commitment and convenient both are opposite.”

If you commit something then it becomes your responsibility to fulfil that task. When a person commits to himself that he will have to give his best in his work, he surely does. Committing to you is a good way of motivation. You should have to be honest towards your commitment as it is the habit of successful people. Small habits can lead you towards success.


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8. Don’t panic and work being cool will motivate you

Most of us get panic while doing their job. Creating mess and being panic will not let you work properly. When your mind is relaxed you will ultimately stick towards your work. This cool mindset will motivate you in all situations. Getting angry at your staff will only hurt your employees. So, be cool and work easily.


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These are some of the ways I use to motivate whenever I am down. A number of other ways are also there, you can also use them. Try to find some way of motivating yourself because it’s the only thing that can make you work. Boost your energy and put all your effort in your job. This will change your life completely.

I hope you like reading this. Stay tuned for further posts.


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