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weather :-

             weather we the means the condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time . the condition of the atmosphere includes temerature sun . rain . wind etc.

          some days are hot and dry and some days cold and windy.

sometimes it rains and sometimes it is a sunny day sometimes there is lighting with thunderstorms in the sky. thuse we see that weather changes from day to day and from place to place

season :-

                 a season in the part of the year during which a particular type of weather, on the whole, remains the same. four main seasons in a year.

1.    summer

the hot time of the year is called the summer season. may . june . july are the months of summer season in these monthes we feel very hot. we like to take bath and sit under the fan we feel thirsty again and again and love to drink cold water the days are long and the nights are short.

in the middle of july and in august we get relief with the showers of rain. the day and night are equal sometimes it rains so heavily that rivers are flooded. this is called the rainy season. september is less hot than may and june .

2.    Autumn.

                    in the months of october and november is is neither too hot nor too cold . leaves fall of the trees this seasons is called the autumn season.



3.       winter.

                       is is the cold time of the year in the end of November we begin to feel cold December and February are also very cold in these months we wear warm clothes and coffee. the days are short and night are so long. this season is called the winter season.


4.     spring .

                     March and April are months of spring season. the weather is quite pleasant. you fell neither too clod nor too hot . new leaves Sproun on trees . and flowers of different Colours blossom. the days and nights are equal. this is called the spring season





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