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Today, many businesses are paying special attention to advertising and promoting their products and services via the Internet. In today's market it is quite justified, because it allows you to instantly spread information about their services and significantly expand the range of customers. What methods are used for the effective promotion of sites on the Internet? Yes, very different. With the development of technologies related to the global network, there are all new and new possible ways of website promotion.

To date, one of the main and most effective way to attract customers to a website is its optimization. What is usually meant by optimization of website pages? Typically it refers to bringing the content and structure of the resource in accordance with the requirements of certain search engines. Search Engine Optimization is a set of works, which are able to move the platform on the first line of the search engines for certain users' queries.

Let's look at how these methods can help a business owner to attract a new stream of customers. First of all, a new website that has just appeared on the network, is in need of any advertising, it is very important to declare its existence. Due to the huge competition in the network and constant growth in the number of new resources, it is becoming harder and harder, requiring more skill than ever before. And since you can not redeem the top ranks in the search engines, it is very important to the most serious approach to the study of advanced promotion techniques or seek help from a specialist. If the case will proceed to do a professional, then you will see the true promotion up the lines in the search engines. In addition, it can happen in a fairly short period of time.

First, you must find out what obstacles hinder the achievement of positive results. Such obstacles may be enough, moreover, the reasons may be quite different. The specifics of the necessary measures may be associated with changes in the site structure and content, resource management systems, solving problems with hosting. When all obstacles are eliminated, only then it makes sense to start the promotion itself.

Website Promotion - more than one procedure, and a whole range of measures to increase the attractiveness of your site in the eyes of the search engines and your target audience. Consider the main ones:

• Content - the holy of holies, and the cornerstone of any quality site. Texts for a good life is not only unique and interesting to the reader, but also meet the basic criteria of search engines (relevant, include keywords in a strictly suitable amount, etc.), thereby providing growth positions in the issue and, as a consequence of traffic.
• reference promotion - this term refers to the purchase of third-party resources links that will lead to your site. The quality of these resources, their subject (preferably a similar or identical) may be affected as a result of the fact how active the site owner to sell space for links. Remember, in any case can not be used to obtain inbound links bulletin board, non moderated forums and other sites of dubious reputation.
• Promotion in social networks - at a time when social networks are becoming increasingly popular, it is foolish to underestimate them. The average Internet user spends on his page in the social network is much more than on any other site, so that's where it makes sense to develop an advertising campaign. With the help of a group or community with relevant information can be obtained tangible addition to attendance and a nice bonus in the form of improved behavioral factors, which again has a positive effect on the growth of the positions in the SS.

The above methods of promotion are "white" - those who are not banned by the search engines and cause user dissatisfaction. But there is a category of webmasters actively using to achieve their goals, "black" methods of promotion, for which search engines often penalize sites down in the extradition or removal from it.

• Creating doorways - supersaturated keyword pages, from which the user is automatically redirected to untwist the site. Doorway pages are stamped in batches using a special software.
• Adding too much text on a page to attract the search engine bots. In color it is usually merged with the background, so users do not notice it, but the PS is read.
• Excessive use of keywords in the body text, titles, descriptions, images, and other places. It comes sometimes to the point that the text on the page, it becomes difficult for the perception of readers.
• Automatic site run under catalogs and various databases in order to obtain a large number of back-links, the quality of which is usually questionable.

It is worth noting that the search engine algorithms are constantly being improved. Even now, at this stage of their development, many "black" methods have outlived their and ineffective, while "white" promotion is overdue and will always true.

That's all. Now that you have an idea about the different methods of website promotion, you can begin to delve into them in more detail. Content creation, purchase links, promotion through social networks - each of these areas has its own nuances, which need to have an idea.

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