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Welcome all new members. We are so thankful for your support towards Michaels Dream. Together we can continue to love and care for the children of this world. Together we can work towards his dream of a Hospital like no other but we need your help. We here at MDF are just like you and everyone else, a grassroots mission built on the same feeling of determination and love that everyone realized when we all discovered Michael's wish for such a beautiful place. We are learning from Michael, what he taught us. Michael worked humbly to achieve his humanitarian giving but we are not so fortunate as we need all and everyone to share and support MDF financially as well as determination. We are building a foundation to last so it does take time. When you visit the website for MDF you will discover all the great projects that have taken place up to now and we are still working towards more. We do ask for donations towards these projects because we cannot do this alone. We do also take donations towards the hospital fund so it can build up in the meantime. We also take donations towards our general needs of running a foundation. Admin fees for the donation site good360 ,website fee's and so on. We do try and create many creative ways to make it more fun to donate including Raffles and Special book discounts from the Authors themselves. We need everyone to roll up their sleeves and get involved, help us to raise funds. Campaign for support with us. Anything that you can do is going to make MDF stronger. Until we work out all the details of where and how we will build we encourage everyone to focus on 
Michael' s lifelong dream. MDF Team




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