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Hello friends today I bring an excellent application to stop earning money call Whaff Rewards click here donwnloader https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whaff.whaff&hl=es_419  an application to earn money with Mobile Cash to add to our portfolio of online business and adding to the one being used is no doubt APPS that these are going like hotcakes and as hot dogs or tortafritas have to use it to make that extra money you would like to have. 

Like the other apps will make money with this application to download and try out other apps, but have a different characteristic as premium apps, where every day you will pay a sum of money to keep them installed and use them daily.
How could it be otherwise, it also has a very good system for invitations, because for every person you invite to install the application, you won the two $ 0.30 Register With my code and earn your first u $ d 0.30
  Whaff Rewards: Features Pricipales earns $ 0.30 THIS CODE AE54603 

Rating: Very Good

Site Management: The application was released on October 31, 2011 and is developed by the company Start-Up IT.
Payment: You can request from $ 10. usd
Mode of payment:
paypal ,Gift Cards and Steam, Facebook, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
Proof of payment: Yes. Whaff See voucher Rewards >>
Referrals: 1 unlimited level. For every person who put your invite code, you will earn $ 0.30 and your referral  THIS CODE AE54603
Accepted Countries: All.
Phones smathpones accepted: ANDROID
Language: English.
Supported OS: Android.
Welcome Bonus: If you want to earn $ 0.30 just sign, put this code when prompted: AE54603
  How to earn cash with application nuetra Whaff Rewards
The application is in English, but its operation is very easy and intuitive. Let's see the different menus that have Whaff and to serve
Browse: In this menu you have all the data of our own. Earnings, gift shop, our code to invite friends, withdrawals user ranking and options etc. Very interesting to check this section often to stay on top of everything.
Lucky Picks: With these applications you do not make money, but participate in a drawing for various prizes.
Premium Picks: This option is the most interesting of Whaff Rewards and distinguishes it from other apps of the same style. an example. By downloading the app "Super Spy Camera HD" earn $ 0.10. Well, even so normal.
But we see that if we use it for 1 minute, win $ 0.03 each day with a maximum of 10 days. Also, if not uninstalled the application, they also add $ 0.01 each day for a total of 10 days. Adding it all and serving such "missions", would win $ 0.50 only with this app. Is it not ok? I find it quite original and interesting option


  Whaff Picks: Applications recommended by the app itself, ready to download and make money.
  Other Picks: Other deals in classic spread SupersonicAds walls, Radium One, Everbadge, etc.
User Stream: In this menu you can write a comment and view others.
Ranking: List of people who have earned more money in Whaff.There are some over 600u $ d ligands !!!!!!!!!

Whaff Rewards: Conclusions

With Whaff nustras Rewards Increased profits we continue today using our android smartphone. It is fashion and should be exploited to effectively removed extra money every month
Although the application is in English, it is very easy to use and in 5 minutes it is safer to fully understand and see the "trick". When you look at the ranking gains with people, you realize that it is an app with great potential.
Besides, it's not an app that has come yesterday, we are talking about is online Whaff two years, indicating that the people behind the project is serious.
Remember that when installing the application, you must register with your Facebook account and then immediately ask you an invitation code. AE54603 will win all very good with this application
In this way the two will win $ 0.30 (if you do not put any code not win anything), so I think it's interesting for everyone. You can download the application from the official link of 

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