What is communication?

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what is communication, do we need to the communication in a soceity?

the responce of this question is different between people, everyone has the the responce which they get from communication, but It will be suffice to say, communication is a process which demonstrate the sence and meaningt that defined and shared between living organisms, and people. In the past the trend and the way of communicating was different from nowdays, however in case of a family it is maybe the same in every societies in order to have kindly and freindly communication at home. in the past we have to spend many time for getting together and make a team or group, in some case it was impposible.

from the time which the people undrestood the value of the communication as well as the requierment of communication, the inception

to make something to pave the way for being more close to the people in other places and zones even in long distances. it might be true that at first the idea of Telephone came and after many efforts and hard work of a genius person we have reached to the first communication mean.

By means of that, the feeling of being apart from the member of family and friend or collegue was not that much difficult as it was before the invention of the Telephone. people were communicating and were being aware from eachother by calling and talking through phone.

Since the human nature never satisfied with his position, the beginning of a new reaserch started for hav more communication in better way and better communication.

the other meas which brought great and wide movement for communication wich found randomly however the sence of requierment was feeling. the technology started its development,  then internet the most influencial means of communication started its services.

After ARPNET event Internet explored and the great meas of communication came to the society and made close all the people together. It became A global window to The Global villiage.

In this global village people from all over the world come together and share their opinions, ideas, new discoveries, reading resources such as articles, bloggs, New Long and Short Films and pictures. And people from all over the world see, share and infflueince on the others activities.

The practical process which made great possibility for people, especially for the people of Afghanistan was the Social Media. Social Media

became the most popular media in Afghanistan and daily many people using this media and sahring many activities.

At the end i want to add that communication is the way of making the world smaller and makeing the groupe in various type of attitudes from various cultures societies.

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