What is Erythrasma?

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What is Erythrasma?

The Erythrasma is another kind of chronic skin bacterial infection. This disease is caused by bacteria called Corynebacterium Minutissimum. Usually, this infection affects inner areas of the body or the intertriginuous such as groin and axillae but in some cases it infects the toes.


What is the characteristics of Erythrasma?

There is presence of sharply marginated, brownish-red and scaling patches on the affected portion of the body.

The predisposing factor of Erythrasma includes, diabetes, humid climate, warm weather, and prolonged occlusion of the skin.


What would be the treatment for Erythrasma?

You have to clean the infected area with antibacterial cleanser.
You have to apply Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) gel every day with the period of 7 days. Erythromycin solution BID also for 7 days is recommended. The topical azoles are also proven to be effective medication.
You can give systematic antibiotic therapy to the patient using erythromycin. In some resistant case, tetracycline can be prescribed 250 mg QID for the span of 7 days.

What are the characteristics of ideal antibacterial agent for common skin infections?
It should have activity against staphylococcus aureus including methicillin-resistant strains and streptococcus.
It should have low resistant rate.
It should have low sensitizing potential.
It should have no cross sensitivity with other antibiotics.
It should be an excellent pharmacokinetics.


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