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Recipes gelato / ice cream usually consists of milk, sugar, eggs, fats, salt, flavor (taste) .......

Does not always have to like it!

Each producer must have had a different recipe for the quality of products they want to produce any different. But definitely, gelato / ice cream is the result of the combination of water, fat and air with the aid of an emulsifier. Eggs are one of a kind commonly used emulsifier.

Abroad, most manufacturers are using materials that are already ready to be processed (premix), but for local producers, materials such as these are expensive and result in higher selling price. Processes and materials used in making gelato / ice cream is actually back on the manufacturer. The better the raw materials used, the better the quality gelato / ice cream obtained. BUT it must be noted that these materials are good, are not always synonymous with expensive raw materials. Many raw materials are cheap but quality remains. This is where the conscience manufacturers are required to provide the best gelato by considering the element of good health for consumers.

For example, the milk used can vary from pure milk, UHT milk, milk powder. Milk with high fat content or lower. Milk local production or import. Those that use soya milk even recent trend leads to milk yoghurt. Even in Indonesia, many manufacturers who use coconut milk.

Another rather striking example is fat used. Fat is an important raw material in the manufacturing process gelato / ice cream. Fat can be obtained from milk fat or vegetable oil, or better known as cooking oil (coconut oil).

Of the two examples above, it is clear that manufacturers have a lot of options for the use of raw materials. There is no necessity to use expensive raw materials to produce gelato / ice cream a premium. Keep in mind that the cost of raw materials for gelato / ice cream premium ranges from Rp. 3500 s / d 5000 per scoop (90 grams), while the selling price is 3 to 4 times. So what does the price of the raw material is expensive, if a manufacturer could make a profit of more than 100%. But this does not apply to imported products because there is a calculation shipping and storage costs are not cheap. By combining the raw materials available in the local market (no need to import), manufacturers can produce gelato / ice cream and sound quality with low price as long as the manufacturer can make a 'recipe balance' good.

Especially for flavor (taste), a manufacturer of hard to downsize to a particular flavor, because the flavor hard to find in local products. Example: Bacio, Hazelnut, Noce, etc. Manufacturers must use flavor ingredients imported mostly from Europe. Moreover, the Euro exchange rate continues to increase, how manufacturers can save in this regard. BUT, trying to do the calculations carefully. In my opinion, flavor factor in calculating the cost of raw materials only around Rp. 300 s / s 500 per scoop. When calculated as a percentage of the selling price, this figure does not have a large impact. So why skimp? Give my best to please the consumer. After all, we can get the most flavor easily and cheaply in local markets. Stick like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry.

So, what should we pay a premium to get a serving of gelato? Do gelato at a bargain price above suspicion? Not always not.

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