What is Resume?

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A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills or you can say that it is passport for entrance in your professional life. This is a document which increases the employer interest and the purpose of a resume is to create interest and secure an interview. It is the primary tool of your job search and may take several drafts to prepare effectively. This is a document which increases the employer interest.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Resume:


People have got some false notion about resume few of among are as follow:

  • People thought that the purpose of resume is to list all the skills and abilities. The fact is the purpose of resume is to kindle employer interest and generate an interview. You have to attract the employer not to provide all the information; you should hold some information for interview. But you should provide as much information so that the employer would call you for interview.
  • Second misconception that frequently found in people regarding resume is that people thought that a good resume will get you the job you want, this is wrong concept the fact is all a resume can do is get you in the door that is it no more than that it can make an entry point for you.

  • Third most common misconception that is found among peoples is that anyone thought that his resume will be read carefully and thoroughly by an interested employer; i.e. employer will read word by word of your resume, the fact is that your resume has less than 45 second to make an impression. Let me dilate on this step before I go further and tell you what the fact is actually. For a moment imagine that you are a Human Resource Manager and you have announced a vacancy if there is only one job for which you have to select candidates fro interview, and you have a bunch of candidate’s resumes (say 1000 resumes), can you really devote.. Say ten minutes or five minutes on each resume, 100 hundred when multiplied by 5 it will take several days to check each resume and I think practically it will become impossible. Same is true for each and every person who receives he/she will simply through a glance and hardly 30 to 45 seconds no more than that. So whenever you are creating your resume, keep in mind this thing and just ask you friend to practice it, give him or her 30 to 40 second to go through it and get the whole idea out of it. Your resume will design in such a way that one could have a fairly idea what are you going to present to that person.



  • Another fallacy about resume is that people think that “the more good information you present about yourself in your resumes, the better will be the impression”, this is also wrong too much information on a resume may actually kill the reader appetite keep some good point for interview like how much profit you give to previous company etc, so don’t put all the information in resume.
  • Here is last misconception about resuming writing most people think that if they want really good resume have it prepare by resume service; people belief that if they will write their resume from professionals their chances of entry become more probable. You should prepare your own resume-unless the position is especially high-level or specialized, even then you should check carefully before using the service. You can take help of somebody but resume must be prepared by yourself.



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