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This was the conversation in between two captains here the main point to share this as my very first blog post ever is that always remember you will be known by your thoughts, actions and by your attitude although the courtesy of the above shared image is #GOOGLE.

Now come ho the point why the Irish captain had to redirect his ship it is as simple that he had to face the strongest communication in form of British navy Captain who was good at communication as we think communication itself is very easy thing remember we started communicating when we used to be a kid yeah that's true as when we used to be kid our Dad knew that he/she had not enjoying or he/ she is not enjoying his/her food blah blah blah.... well in short communication itself is a ongoing process.


the moral of the story is we always communicate to get the desired response in the end I have a question from you guys,

1) What's the purpose of C.V and a cover letter?

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