What will Nanni Moretti like?

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What will Nanni Moretti like?

This is the question everybody is asking. It seems like everyone knows how grumpy and bad-tempered this great Italian movie-maker is, and we are sure that his last decision will be a surprise.

Nanni Moretti, the president of the Jury at 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, always confirms the rumors about his taste and character. Actually, he has already declared that he didn’t share at all, the enormous enthusiasm around “The Artist”, the film that he defined as an easy movie. He promises that the winning movie of this year Cannes festival edition will be a masterpiece that will be able to amaze him.

So here people start to bet. Some people says that the favorite is the Iranian Abbas Kiarosta and his movie “Like someone in Love”; or maybe the Danish “Hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg, whose choice for a cinema that tells stories of daily lives disrupted by dramatic events could fit Moretti’s taste.

It’s still too early to express ourselves, the only option is to stay tuned and see what happens!

by Lucia Palombino

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