What's Up with Upshaw? Episode 11

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It's been a while, but I'm back!  Here's what I've been doing:

Last Tuesday was my next-to-the-last Summer Reading Club for the Library.  I was there at the 151st St. Center in the projects doing a few of the kids that were there. Now this was the week of the big heat wave in the U.S., so the librarian offered me a tall cup of water.  I took two.  Luckily the 151st St. Center was also a neighborhood cooling shelter.

Speaking of heat waves, I skipped the Thursday night Acoustic Jam and Potluck at Paul Henry's Art Gallery due to the heat; in fact, Dave Mueller suggested I skip it due to my getting sick from the heat the Thursday before.  Nothing real serious, but I had to leave early.

Yesterday I got a very pleasant surprise:  The EC Library paid me for the caricature jobs the day before the last job! I was at Walmart in Hammond when I got the news on my smartphone.  I got on the bus and went straight to the Main Library, picked up my check and deposited it in my credit union.  I got hundreds and felt like a millionairess!

Now today was my last Summer Reading Club job, at Heritage Hall, which is down the street from my building, so I walked to the place.  There were over a dozen kids in the reading room, mostly girls but there was one boy.  Drawing black girls can be a challenge for me, with the curls, braids and barettes, but I was up for it...or was I?  After all that caricaturing, I was worn out.  It was "the good kind of tired", of course.

I am now preparing for an all-night marathon of cartooning and animating, to get caught up with my work.  Let me get the apartment straightened up and get caffeinated.

I leave you now with pictures of all those kids at Heritage Hall and all their pictures.


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