What's Up with Upshaw? Old Path, New Paths

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Last Sunday I finally got myself to church, First Assembly of God in East Chicago.  I knew I needed the Lord more than I needed anything or anyone else, and the congregation does love me and has been praying for me.  I even got out of myself and asked them to pray for my niece, three nephews and grandnephew--hey, I care about the next generation of Upshaws.

My pastor that Sunday gave a sermon on following the old paths, which he started by saying that people love new things and are always upgrading their stuff.  Then he referred to the book of Jeremiah where God's people turned against His old familiar ways to try idol worship, something new.  Of course they were cursed until someone decided to go back to the old scriptures.

That made me think.  As a creative, getting out of the old ways and trying new things is part of what shapes me and my work.  I've recently gotten a whole bunch of new free software to create with because I got bored doing the same old things.  But deep down, I'm feeling like a big flake, not pinning myself down to one thing or a few things.  I don't always feel "solid" inside.  I need a foundation.

Here is the foundation for my work.  I cartoon, animate, caricature, and write gags, blogs and articles.  That is how I started, and as long as I keep to that, I'm fine.  I've taken 41 of my hundreds of cartoon characters and will work with them from now on.  I write and cartoon for "The 411" and maintain their website.  I do one-panel gag cartoons.  I draw cartoon portraits on 5" x 7" white paper.  I contribute to my BitLanders channel.  That's it for now--and I'm sticking to it.

I recall a scene from the first episode of the sitcom "Full House" where Danny Tanner advised Jesse and Joey about how to handle his three daughters:  "Don't be afraid to say 'no'--kids need limits."  Adults need limits, too, including this adult.  And as a 55-year-old woman since October 4, 2014, I'm just now realizing that.


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