When it Rains: An Unfortunate Experience at Christmas Village

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Hello everyone! I am glad that I am now on our first itinerary for the second half of my Baguio City blog series. Well, for our first stop, we went to Christmas Village. It's mhaiiiself's first time going here while it's my second time. If you remember, I've already written a blog about it last January.

So you may wonder why I am writing another blog about this place? Well, as you have read the title, it's going to be about our unpleasant experience at Christmas Village this time. I am writing this on April 1st but this blog is nowhere related to April Fools. 


(image source: Katsanslimites)
Inside Christmas Village.

Christmas Village
is an attraction by Baguio Country Club which runs during Christmas season. The attraction is best known for its artificial snow, dancing light show, and yearly themes. The theme last Christmas was Christmas Galaxy

You can read my previous blog about Christmas Village to know more about it since this blog will focus on the not-so-fun side of this happy attraction. (A Merry White Christmas at Baguio Country Club's Christmas Village)


From Burnham Park, we took a taxi going to Christmas Village. It took us several minutes to find an available taxi that will take us to the village. I guess it was already past 5 P.M. when we found one. Getting on a taxi in Baguio City is difficult as most of them are always occupied especially during rush hour.  

Travel time is only around 15 minutes so we were able to arrive a few minutes before nightfall. Our taxi fare cost Php 80, by the way.


(image source: Katsanslimites)
The tunnel at the entrance. 

Lights on the village were still not on when we arrived so we asked the staff at the entrance if they are already allowing people to enter. The staff said they are already open and so we happily paid our entrance fee (Php 120 each), got our hands stamped, and entered the village. Lights will be switched at 6 in the evening after the nativity scene, which signals the opening of the village.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Reindeers made from chunks of wood.

Since we still have a couple of minutes before 6, mhaiiself and I took the chance to roam around and take photos. There were also a few people around waiting for the village to officially open.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Wishing Wall.

It was also at this time where I knew that the cards on the wishing wall were only for children. (Lol.) I saw the age limit signage at the corner and it made me laugh inside because I was planning to write one during my first visit.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Yummy ube taho.

While we were on the midst of our pictorial session around the village, we saw a taho vendor around. We were undecided at first if we should buy a taho. But who can resist eating taho? We ended up buying and sat at a bench near the stage. It was an ube (purple yam) flavor taho because strawberry is already too cliche when in Baguio. It's also my first time tasting an ube flavor taho, and wow, it's surprisingly delicious! I recommend that you try this flavor too when you visit this city.

We spent the remaining minutes resting on the bench savoring on our delicious ube taho. The sky has turned darker too, making us more excited. As time drew near, more people were coming in and staffs and cast for the nativity scene entered the village to prepare. Santa and his elves were also preparing at one corner. The stalls had also turned their lights on and I could already smell the hot dogs rolling on the electric grill. We were definitely all excited for the village to finally open until something unwelcome and unexpected happened.


Few droplets of rain began descending from the sky and this immediately got me feeling that the night wouldn't be good. We kept begging the skies to not make the rain any stronger than the droplets, or best, it can just stop.

6 P.M. came and the show will begin any moment—when it started drizzling. We unfolded our umbrellas while waiting for what's to happen next. Will the show pursue or be cancelled? All the visitors must be worrying the same thing too.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Reenactment of the nativity continues despite the rain.

Later on, the speakers around the village turned on and a spotlight focused on the actors for the nativity. So the show pursued despite the rain. The show must go on, as they say. We stood to get a better view and watched under our umbrellas. But then it looks like the rain was challenging us because it got stronger in the midst of the play. I was definitely worried that they might cancel it especially that the number of visitors was surprisingly few compared to the last time I went.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Other photo of the nativity scene. The rain is not much obvious on my photos though.

Right after the nativity scene was over, Christmas lights were switched and the village turned bright while an upbeat Christmas song was played on the speakers. And almost simultaneous with the lights and carol, we heard the four towers (snow machine) at each corner start. Just a few seconds after, artificial snow were falling from the skies.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Christmas Village officially opens.

Everyone got out from where they were and went near the towers to enjoy the snowfall. Children were happily playing in the snow while most of the grown-ups were taking videos and selfies. Of course, mhaiiiself and I had our moments of enjoying the snowfall too.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Suds from the snowfall.

Honestly, the machine had blown more artificial snow that moment compared on my first visit. The snow on the ground was thick and an ankle-deep on some areas. It also felt more like a snowstorm with the rain, however, you can see the people enjoying. Other had their umbrellas still open while others bravely exposed themselves to the rain and snow.

When the snow machine turned off, I asked mhaiiiself that we go to the comfort room for a while. We took a few photos more near the exit since there were few people around the area yet. But while taking photos, we were hearing a few popping sounds on the bushes around us. My friend told me that it was the Christmas lights exploding. This got us worried as it might cause trouble like short circuit or worst, fire?

So we headed to the comfort room and mhaiiiself waited for me outside. Sadly, the rain was still strong when I came out. While I was unfolding my umbrella, we overheard the two staffs stationed at the comfort room said, "Parang mga hindi nakakita ng snow." (As if they haven't seen snow.)


We then hurried back to the village and was surprised to find the rest of the visitors crowding in the tunnel at the entrance to cover themselves from the rain. We went inside the tunnel too, waiting and hoping for the rain to stop. Later on, the lights in the village were turned off and staffs were going out of the village one by one without saying a single word! Sensing that we are going to wait for nothing, visitors had no choice and started leaving. And that's what we did too.


First of all, I understand that they prioritize the safety of everyone and the village itself. I totally agree that the village needs to be closed for the night, even if it was just 30 minutes after they opened, when the rain causes threat and damage to the lights in the village.


We will never be alright with the way the staffs handled us visitors. They were rude. We could've appreciated if they had given a proper announcement regarding the situation. But behold! There was none! We were all clueless if the village is going to resume or not. While we were all at the tunnel waiting for the rain to subside, the lights in the village just turned off without notice. The staffs exited one by one as well and not even one of them apologized that they have to close the village. Not even the staffs at the ticket booth who were just beside the tunnel.

What's more irritating are the guards. They were standing right in front us and was just chatting with each other. They were speaking in Ilokano dialect so I couldn't understand, but one of them keep telling, "Close na. Uwi na ako." (It's already close. I'm going home.) He told it in a tone as if he was tired. We felt like he was trying to let us hear it and somehow forcibly shooing us away.

Another heartbreaking and infuriating experience we had was in the comfort room where one of the two lady staffs gave an insulting remark. We were not sure if the lady was only referring to us or to the entire visitors that night. Either way, it's a big shame on themselves to insult the visitors and say the visitors look like they haven't seen snow. And knowing that that's how they see the visitors really hurts and upsets me a lot. On the other hand, it seems funny they insulted the customers of the company they are working at.

And hello? We Filipinos are in the country Philippines which is geographically situated just on top of the equator. We only have two seasons: dry and rainy. So yes, people living in our country definitely don't get to experience real snow unless you travel to another country which has one. Maybe I should've asked them too if they have already seen and experienced real snow? It's really disappointing that when you are out there enjoying the 'snow', some staffs are insulting you. It seems like these staffs hate their visitors. The grinch of Christmas Village perhaps?

After the inconvenience they had brought to their visitors, our entrance wasn't refunded even half of it. I heard another visitor tell that he felt like he was robbed Php 120. Indeed, it really felt that way for everyone. Only 30 minutes had passed from its opening and the night still has a long way to go so we definitely felt that we just wasted our money.


The situation could've been smooth and visitors could've went out of the Christmas Village with less disappointment when the staff knows to handle such scenarios well. An announcement from the speakers before they turned it off won't hurt, right? Or even just announcing it to us personally since we were all gathered at the tunnel too where all them staffs were exiting.

Rain is frequent in Baguio City and Baguio Country Club should've made a protocol on how to properly manage an unexpected situation like this, to think that Christmas Village has been operating for several years already. Don't tell me they've been doing it this way for the past years? Like when it rains, they just shut the village off without explanations or notice and move the visitors out of the village? 

We don't know why they don't give a refund on our entrance fee but I can never understand why not even a single one of them apologized. I never heard them say sorry that they have to close the village because it's raining and it damages their lights. We could've had this bad experience pass only if they had apologized. I know they knew their visitors were not only from Baguio City but from other towns and provinces as well. And I feel sorry for those who have traveled far only to experience this.

I wish they have a more active social media account where they can post real-time updates regarding their operation. I hope they were also well-updated of the weather forecast of the city so they could make an early announcement to save their visitors from trouble. In fact, a few new visitors still arrived that night only to be greeted by the guards in front telling that the village is closed. Not only the effort and money (taxi fare) was wasted, but time as well.

I also wish that they have a much durable Christmas lights that could stand rain. I hope they use waterproof Christmas lights next time because what they used to decorate the village doesn't seem so. It seems like the outdoor Christmas lights in SM City Baguio were more durable because they weren't turned off even if it's raining. (Lol.) Lastly, I wish the two staffs watching over the comfort room would stop insulting people. They're shaming their visitors which no matter what angle we look at it is certainly very unethical.

(video source: Olivia Harlee via Youtube)
Some examples of good customer service.


To be honest, I really had a wonderful experience on my first visit at the Christmas Village but now that I knew how they treat you when things comes worse makes me turn sour. 

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Outside Christmas Village while we were waiting for a taxi to go home. Some staffs and guards at the entrance. Rain was almost gone too.

I'll give the attraction itself a 4/5 rate while the customer service a disappointing 1. I would like to give them none but I decide to give 1 because Santa Claus went out to the road and approached each of us asking if we would like to have a photo with him. Santa Claus was so brave to approach the disappointed visitors. Kudos to Santa even though my friend had refused his offer because she was so pissed off that moment. Not even I could talk to her. And I feel so sorry that she had experienced this kind of situation when it's her first time going there. The Christmas Village was even our main reason why we had an overnight stay in Baguio City. Our plans were certainly ruined big time. Lucky that none of the visitors that night was a public figure like a celebrity, else, what had happened might have become a huge issue. 

(video source: The Lazy Boy's Journey via Youtube)
We could have had fun like this if it didn't rain!

We are definitely never coming back here because of this experience. But I am not encouraging you, dear reader, to not visit this place. It's a must-visit place when you're in Baguio City during Christmas season. Just make sure it's not raining!

Thanks for reading!

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