WHITEBIRD population 150!

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This most certainly was a remote shoot!!  Everyone in this little nook of a town on Idaho's legendary Snake River was GREAT!  The music from MOWER going from hardcore to mellow reps this show great.  It totally reminds me of how the Snake river went from placid glassy starights to hard charging rapids all tucked in between the towerings hillsides!  

Stu never mentioned to me when I was swimming near Sturgeon Rock in the Snake, that there were probably 9ft. 250 lb monster fish right below me.  That was very apparent after I landed one with the help of our great guides at Kilgore Adventures (they put us up:)  They referred to it as a Snake River HOG!  AMAZING time!

The rapids on the river were truly something to take in, the ride against the current up stream through class 5 rapids in the jet boats was great.  My favorite was hanging in what they called "The Green Room".  This is a spot in the rapids were the boat could tuck in between two huge boulders on each side and basically meet the current at the same speed it was hitting us, to make the boat stand still (like playing the clutch in your car at a stop sign atop a San Francisco hill).  Mind you the rapids are roaring over the boulders and at about head high, so when you lodge in there everything around you goes green from the light diffusing through water.  SO SURREAL and POWERFUL!!  

Check out the Green Room shots in our WHITEBIRD SHOW!

Any of you ever been to Whitebird or jet boating or fishing on the Snake? 


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