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Different people,different choices and different role models. When we speak about role model, different personalities come in mind like actors, actress, writer, singer and any teacher of us. Our role models inspire us and we look in their lives for guidance. They give us spirit and motivate us to achieve our goal. For me, my role model is my “Ammi”, when I say “Ammi” unconsciously a smile comes on my face.

My mother is my role model. She is outstanding and a courageous lady. Her qualification is not so high she is just middle passed but she has great knowledge about everything and constantly she teaches us what is good and what is bad for us. She can read faces and can tell about the true nature of person.

When I was in fourth class my father married another lady it was his second marriage. He left us. My mother was the lady of 30 years she was young and our upbringing was difficult for her. She is very courageous and brave she has worked hard to keep up us. She did not give up in such hard situation but worked hard for us.

My mother is very talented. She is good at cooking, knitting, fabric work, stitching and house chores. She has each and every talent and skill. I am so much inspired by her. I have passed my graduation this year with the support of my mother. She has trained in me about everything stitching, cooking, hair styles, fabric work and applying Henna.

 Everyone appreciates and admires her efforts. She is a wonderful lady no one can be like her. She is the best mother of world.  I have no words to explain her sacrifices what she made for us. She I my role model my inspiration. She encourages me in every situation. She is my best friend. I love her so much and cannot imagine my life without her. May Allah bless her and may she live long and long. Ameen.

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M Kiran the defintion of simplicity and innocence ;p

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