Why Guava Fruit is Good for your Health?

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According to some researchers, the "guava fruit" is considered as the "king of all fruits". It earned this reputable title due to the reason that guavas contains nutrients that help prevent all kinds of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.

Guava fruit is actually a tropical fruit. The tree that bear the fruits is an evergreen, tropical shrub or simply a small growing tree that according to some sources, it originated from Central America. Since guava trees prefers to thrive on the tropical regions, they grow best on environment that offers both humid and dry climates. Surprisingly, they can also tolerate some level of cold temperature. But above all, guava trees are adaptable which makes them the perfect commercial crop in most tropical areas.

Distinguishing a guava fruit when its already ripe is very easy. You will observed that the fruit is soft and when you smell it close to your nose, the fruit emits a sweet musky aroma. When sliced into halves, the internal flesh of the fruit can be white, pink, yellow or red color which depends on the specie of the guava fruit. Common guava fruits usually have white or yellow internal flesh color.

If you are going to take a closer look into the internal flesh of the guava fruit, you will notice numerous tiny pieces of semi-hard seeds. People who are first-time eaters of this fruit often ask if these seeds are edible. Well, they are edible seeds so no worries.

Interesting Health Benefits of Guava Fruits

1. Help Prevents Cancer and Aging

Some researchers have found out that guava fruits contains nutrients such as antioxidant polyphenolic and flavonoid compounds which are responsible for preventing cancers and aging.

2. Help Protect that Colon Mucous Membrane

Guava fruits are rich in dietary fiber which makes them a good bulk laxative. Thus, consumption of this fruit actually protect the colon mucous membrane by getting rid of the toxins and other cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.

3. Rich in Vitamin C

Guava fruits are rich in vitamin C. The flesh underneath the thick rind of the fruit contains a high level of vitamin C. And interestingly, scientific studies have proven that regular consumption of any fruits that are rich in vitamin C can help improve the resistance of your body against infectious diseases.

4. Rich in Vitamin A

Aside from vitamin C, guava fruits are also rich in vitamin A. You have to know that vitamin A is required by your body in maintaining a healthy mucus membrane and skin.

5. Carotene

Guava fruits also contains beta-carotene which is known to protect your lungs and oral cavity from cancers.

6. Lycopene

Scientists have found out that lycopene can help prevent skin damages against UV rays and offers the best protection from prostate cancer. Those pink guavas offers the highest amount of lycopene contents.

Eating a Guava Fruit

When it comes to the traditional way of eating a guava fruit, simply wash it with clean running water, trim the apex and bottom part then it's ready for consumption. Eating a guava fruit is actually best enjoyed when its fresh because you get to enjoy the natural flavor and very unique taste of the fruit

Some individuals prefers to consume guava fruits by turning them into delicious drinks. All you need is a Blender Machine. You may also add some other types of fruits to make a slight changes into the taste.

Aside from turning guava fruits into juice, there are also many other genuine methods of preparing the fruit. Some individuals used them as an added ingredients for fruit salads, used them to make candies, jellies, jams and etc...

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