Why I love FireFlies

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I wana write you,why I fall in love to the FireFlies. Never had enough money for travel,respective cause I was a singlemother, money I use everywhere, onlynofor our holiday,you know it. and now, when my child have almost 18 and my financial situation is ok,but no special good, come one my friend tome and say : Hey, some friend give me some special idea, look - and let me see a presentation about one online booking portal for travel.My question was, ok,but I have no much money for travel .He say, just for this Iam here,and began to talk. When I start understand an idea, I start have strong desire to try it.

Very short - my love is Fireflies.com  because I have best prices on the world, very good service, because I love to say people about and this bring me some financialand benefits, what in any future will have an effect, that my holidayI will have almost or really free ( understand paying for travel points in system only ) + some more nice small joys.