Why Pakistani Talent Is Leaving Pakistan?

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The people who are very smart, hard working and talented always try to hire themselves in a well place. They triumph and won the very tuff or stiff study life. Even they at dragger drawn to get the passionate toward their work but unfortunately everyone are not confronting the places where they have to be hired.  There are many reason to leave the country, mostly great and magnificent student want to be a good officer but they couldn’t able to get it. Why? Because many official places need bribe and known person in the office already.

This thing I feel very hideous personally, we don’t have to cut others right because of our own improvement; it is not to be the way to win life terminology.  So we have to be portrait with our country, not really like to think only just for own life but keep great enthusiasm for progressing whole country. We can bring and break the ice to positive outcome. In our country, the corruption, any other kind of evil like terrorists, thief, hoarding, gambling etc which are eating the roots of the Pakistan’s improvement. It is our bad luck that several block heads rule over us because our leaders work behind the scene or not taking the matter serious just speaking beat about the bushes.

Secondly, candidates put and give very attractive CVs, but when they come to confront the test and interviews which make them disappointed. It’s again because of our education system which only reading all books only in (ratta) base. The one who good in (RATTA) then he is supposed to be bright student. This thing is the main reason because they are not giving practical work and activityto the student which makes them capable to a main goal in practical life. This all make them compel to leave their country for to get superior life in next country.

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