Why You Have to Take Care of Your Teeth and How?

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Back when I was small, my mother would always tell me to brush my teeth, my brothers and I had to be very religious with brushing, day and night. That even if we ran out of toothpaste, we should still be brushing, using salt. Yes, you heard it right, the salt is actually my favorite toothpaste because I can taste the salt, I would even try to swallow it because I love the salty stuff.

Anyways, my blog today is very dear to me because James, my husband had been dealing with the consequences of not taking good care of his teeth when he had the chance to do so, now he is having pain as a result. So in this blog, I am sharing with you the simple reasons why we all should take care of our teeth and also encourage our loved ones and friends to do the same.

1. Having Healthy and Complete Teeth Brings Beautiful Smile

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Our smiles can either make or break our outward personality, I mean physically. When one smiles and there are missing teeth right in front, it can be a little turn-off.

Our facial form as well will matter when we lose a few teeth especially the molar ones. Notice our folks in their old age, you'll see their cheeks and mouth are shaped as if nothing supports them because of their missing gears.

2. Prevents Toothache, Chewing is Easier!

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One major issue of not taking care of your teeth is the probability of having tooth decay and that results in experiencing toothache in the long run. Although I have not really experience how it feels to have a toothache, James did and he said it is something which can be endured but you would swear this isn't a good feeling. It wakes you up in the middle of the night, it keeps you from eating properly and disturbs you with work, you'll end up unfocused!

Also, when one or two of our teeth gets uprooted, there's a huge tendency for our mouth to change its chewing habits. You'll find it hard to eat hard food and it is challenging to chew pieces of food, our teeth have been designed so that we can properly prepare our food intake going to our stomach, chewing is the very first step in digestion so if we miss one or two teeth, then we are also failing our digestive system.

3. Keeps Away From Paying for Dental Extraction and Surgery

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If you think enduring a toothache is not a severe case, then think of paying amounts of money just to get your teeth extracted! Although there are companies these days which provide insurances which have dental coverage and give free extraction for a number of those easy front teeth.

However, no dental clinic gives free extraction to wisdom tooth, especially that this is at the end of our gums and its super hard to pull out. The professional fee for that though would cost Php 4000-6000 which is equivalent to $113, all just for one single tooth!

But wait, there's more! There are worse cases wherein certain surgeries have to be done and that would cost you more! The amount of money to be spent on that would actually scare you and would encourage you to take care of your teeth!

How to Take Care of Your Teeth?

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Prevention is still better than cure and we will only appreciate the act when we deal with the pain that is brought by decayed tooth. At least that's what James is dealing right now so I am thankful to my mother for helping me ensure that I am taking good care of my gums and teeth. Plus, my mind had been conditioned that I should not be afraid of the dentists.

In the age of thirty, I have complete teeth, I never had experienced any a toothache and only gone dental cleaning procedures and permanent tooth filling.

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It is a sad fact that majority of the Filipinos have severe points issues, most kids have dark black teeth, adults having almost no more teeth at the age of 30 and above and more are just keeping the pain all to themselves because of the lack of enough money to get their projections treated. So with this, I can only provide the obvious and very easy ways to keep your dental and gums healthy as a prevention so that you and your family can avoid going through the pain and the hassle of this issue.

1. Brush Your Teeth Always!

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Obviously, properly brushing our teeth is the primary way of keeping them clean. Sleeping without brushing is a major sin, my mother would scold me and my siblings if we would go to bed right after dinner without cleaning our gears. She would talk about germs sleeping in the teeth, she'd even go further by illustrating that there are germs which would start digging into our tushes, destroying our crowns and eventually create dark holes!

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The horrific imagination would really hit me and I wouldn't want that to happen to my own teeth so I had been trying my best to be brushing two to three times every single day.

However, there will be times when I had no choice but to skip. This is normal but always do your best to be consistent. There's nothing harm with brushing, it even makes your breath fresh!

2. Don't Delay Your Dental Appointments

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Now when things start to go bad like you'll feel that there's pain already, you had to go directly to a dentist. Reach out to friends and ask for referrals because it is also not good to go to any random dentist.

Do not ever hold this and ensure you have your teeth checked immediately. Delaying your appointments will worsen the case and you'll end up paying more than what it was supposed to be if you heed right away to your needs.

3. Follow Your Dentist's Instructions and Recommendations

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Once you have your pegs checked and perhaps your dentist will recommend certain tablets, gargles, and other necessary medications to be taken, follow it, be very consistent and take the suggested dosage. Why? Because they know best!

Of course, there will be cases where in your body might not like the medicines, you must also tell your dentist about it. They are the professionals who had studied years and practice this field so we should always be obedient.

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Our teeth are very useful for us, we might not consider it convenient to always be taking care of them by these ways but it is better again to safe than to be sorry. The negative effect of not having proper dental care will not happen right away, it will take years and soon, you'll realize and hoped you had been kind to yourself years before.

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