Wool suiting fabrics from Italy

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2012 is supposed to be the end of the World (48 hours from now!), while for MTI USA was a new beginning or anyway a comeback to the origins: Italian fabrics!

in 1996 , thank to my brother Francesco Rulli, that asked me to join this company as a 50% partner, when I was just a 25 years guy with small work experience and bad skilled english, I moved to NYC.

We started opening a sales and marketing office for an Italian company and we managed for 11 years, then in 2007 our path changed to Asia and Me and my partner in Fashion Said Dib, start working for Asian companies selling: LEATHER JACKETS, CONSTRUCTED OUTERWEAR AND PRINTED SWEATERS, AND IN FABRICS SANDWASHED MODAL, WASHED POLYESTERS AND WOOL TWEED AND BOUCLES  and many more.Italy is a very unique place for fashion and maybe one of the few left where innovation and new ideas keep developing despite the great social and economic crisis happening in Europe.All my customer would go to Premiere Vision (50% of the mills are Italians) to get inspiration and reproduce it in a cheaper country (mostly China), but Italians keeps their position in a tough market and actually I was surprised like the same customer that negotiate 0.05/yd for a Chinese or Korean fabric , could spend 3-4 usd/yd more for an Italian one.This means that quality pays and there is no competition for Italians in the medium/high end market.

So I want to wish everybody : Buon Natale and a great 2013!

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