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A person is not good for me, I should not be overly concerned. In my life, no one should be obliged to good with children unless their parents. And for good people to me, I should cherish and appreciate it.

But you also need a bit of precaution by each person to do anything that has its own purpose. Remember, they are good with children does not mean that they liked me.

No one is irreplaceable, there's nothing under the full ownership. So, if you have love for the latter is not around, or they are no longer a place you can trust, you do not grief.

Human beings really short, you do not let a day goes by in vain. Ambitious people live longer, but I just need to be happy every day. Please appreciate and love taking my life right now.

In this world there is nothing added at all, love is just a sudden feeling go through my life, but it will be over time and that changes people's hearts. If that person away from you, you learn to wait. Please take time to clean the wound, to settle the soul and the pain will gradually disappear. You should never dreamed of a perfect love, do not exaggerate when it is no longer suffering.

There are successful people without going through a lot of schools, but that does not mean you stop learning endeavors. The learned knowledge is the weapon you need, remember they can not do anything if they just handed.

I do not necessarily care for half my life father and father too. As an adult, I can walk by myself, responsible father has ended. Later though you happy or sad, you have to choose yourself and take responsibility for it.

You can force it to prestige, but can not ask others to do it for you. You can ask yourself to be nice to people, but you can not expect that people will do the opposite. When you good with them, they have no obligation to stay with the best. Remember this if you do not you will always encounter troubles in life.

Father had bought tickets for 26 years but never once hit, it tells us that the rich want to rely on the efforts of myself, in this world there is no free meal at all.

Only those who have a new destiny to become each other's family, even in the busy life I rarely meet people, but I just cherish every moment when I was with them, take them time to love more children, and call for your mother.

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