World cup draw was held last night

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Last night 2014 football world cup list has announced based on lottery 32 teams in 8 groups divided in which Brazil, Cameron, Mexico and caraway in first group and will begin on Thursday 12th of June.

In second group Spain, Chelsea, Holland and Australia and so on up to 8 groups and in seven group Ghana, America, Portugal and Germany are located; if we look to the list in seven group Ghana will face with Germany and Portugal will face with America they are the top teams besides some other European teams it will be very difficult for all member of this group and some football specialists also named seven group as group of death.                                                                                      

Another group of this list is also very strong and that is second group in which Spain, Chelsea, Holland and Australia are existed so by seeing of this list why fifa bring all strong teams in one or two groups and I thing if they brought powerful teams in all 8 teams that would be better and game would be very interesting from other hand these strong teams would get energy to go to semifinal and final and would play well against each other.

However Spain; champion of last season transferred world cup to Brazil and will begin after six month by a match between Brazil and carwacy in June and will continue more than a month.

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