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The beauty of poetry comes in many different forms. From writings, music, beautiful art, quotes and more. This community is a place to share all those many types of beauty. As this community grows and fills with beauty and love I will ask very little of members but, what I do ask is for the benefit of everyone within this community. Please, No Spamming. Treat everyone with respect, if you post please take the time to read, comment and  the posts of others. It’s not just courtesy, it helps others to grow. All poets and writers are welcome to self-promote books, blogs, and other writings, however, this community is a place to appreciate the poems and writings of all. With that being said I am asking that when you post a link to your poetry blog or writing blog that you also include your poem or writing in your post. There are many that do this and is very much appreciated. You are welcome to share others work as well but, please make sure to give credit to the author by stating the authors name or unknown if the author is unknown. Enjoy each other, help each other to grow and help each other to see the beauty within themselves and the world. Share your love, your beauty, sorrows and pain, your inspirations, dreams and aspirations. Write from your heart.

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