Writing a business plan....

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Is quite possibly, the most difficult thing i've ever had to do.

And this... this blog, is called procrastination.

I want my business plan done by the end of the week to apply for the grant available... but can I concentrate? NO!

Welcome to the real world. Back in the days of uni, when our worries consisted of when the student loan was coming in, and whether the summer ball would clash with our deadlines, I even found it incredibly difficult to get out an essay in good time.

The real world is now here!! So theres much more on my plate, much much more than that...! So time may have quite literally doubled!!

One of those things.... is FourFingers first meeting tomorrow morning!! HORAAHH!

Myself and Jack, with the help of Kathy & Colin of Lenzflare, have been coming up with our key aims and values, getting us ready for the many millions of meetings ahead. People skills are everything... lets hope ours are up to scratch!

Little exclusive there... anyway... back to business plan. WISH ME LUCK

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