Writing In Starbucks Again

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 No, not hot coffee, an caramel frappuccino. We need an emoji for iced teas and coffees. But that's another story.

I'm at the closest Starbucks to my home and am supposed to be working on my next book but this place is so chaotic that, even with my earbuds in and the music turned up, I can't stay focused long enough to....who was that, do I know her, he sure looks familiar.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I can't stay focused long enough to write a coherent paragraph.

What is he drinking? That looks good. I'll bet those pastries are nice and flaky.

I hadn't planned on coming here but I had to go by the pharmacy and this Starbucks is...it sure is clouding up out there...right next to my pharmacist so it would have been impolite of me, seeing as there is no where I have to be, not to stop in for a tall cold one.

Twenty years ago that would have meant a beer, not an iced coffee. Oh how the times have changed.

Now, my point was, what in the world are all these people doing in here in the middle of the afternoon. They can't all be lazy layabouts like me. Not that I'm lazy. I am trying to work. And, technically, I am making money, provided anyone views, likes, and/or comments on this post.

A lot of them look like students. They need to get out and find some summer jobs so they won't have to take out so much in student loans, or at least so they can have beer and taco money in the bank.

Good grief. If you've read this far. Thanks. I never knew I could be such a Rambling Man. With apologies to The Allman Brothers.


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