Xcorps TV publishes 50 new video segments on Film Annex!

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Xcorps X PRESS January 28, 2014 San Diego California

Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV publishes 50 new video segments on Film Annex!

The producers of Xcorps TV have been very busy uploading to Film Annex with a plan to publish all 275 show segments making up the 55 XC episodes from the broadcast show series and are well on the way with the addition of these 50 film segments.

Xcorps Action Sports TV #53.) WHITEBIRD seg.4 .

Xcorps is the place to catch a wide variety of action extreme sports from snow biking to street luge, skating to motorsports to aerobatic flying to deep sea fishing and outdoor adventures the series delivers to a wide audience. 

The music making up the sound track of the series is as custom as the action. From country to rap to metal and electronica Xcorps mixes up the tunes for all tastes and moods. Xcorps producers go the extra mile to match the music to the action.

Xcorps TV airs on FILM ANNEX with direct portal links from the XC show website.

Film Annex is the platform of choice for Xcorps online viewers!

Xcorps Action Sports TV #45.) SKATEPIPE seg.4


Xcorps TV is currently publishing additional content from its show series to Film Annex as well as new content from the Xcorps SweetRides Motorsports series and the  JSE 420 short film series.

Stay Tuned!

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