Xeoncoder's nTen Script Review - Competitive Script Pricing on GPT/PTC Market/Industry

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Today I'm very excited to share with you a special review from a company which offers software/script for website that is intended to create a massive-like Clixsense, well in terms of feature it does its job well. Before we formally start our review, I would like to thank you (Mr. Mariusz Kisiel – owner) for this wonderful opportunity by letting us review your script. And it is such an honor to work with you and your script.

Going back to the review, the script really excites me much because of its scalable features that really explode the type of business you always wanted. Here’s my review of the competitor UseTitan software, if you want (http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/usetitan-gpt-script-in-depth-review-a-solid-top-notch-performer-of-gpt-script-on-the-market/3005119). Before we start you might be asking what this script all about is and what are the features and benefits. If you’re familiar with Swagbucks, Clixsense, LootPalace, Traffic Monsoon or Neobux this script works like them, I mean they offer the same services like users can earn money through advertisements (advertised by the advertisers), and even doing some offers on Offer walls. But today, we’re not going to discuss about how people would earn money from it rather how to use the script. If you're interested to start a business like this using the said script then you might need some just little knowledge how to manage and run a website, how to secure it from hackers and how to prevent it from hackers to hi-jack your website.


First you need to have a web hosting; I recommend you use Arvixe Hosting since they have free domain and free set-up, no extra charges and more savings from its competitors plus a wide, whole-ranged of offers of products and services (we are not affiliated by Arvixe). Second, you need to acquire the script, you need to buy it on their website which is http://www.xeoncoder.com (you can choose to one of the script’s pricing below). Third, you need to have little knowledge about PHP, website and domain management. If you’re unfamiliar with those, you can contact Xeoncoder’s support and they will be happy to help (they can offer almost 24/7 support to their customers) or hire a friend or a website programmer that can handle such things. By the way, those are just for beginners, and they have also documentations. You need to hire programmers, with great knowledge about this is when your website gets popular, there will be hackers or scammers trying to hi-jack your website so they can loot your money away. This problem might cause big problem that will really down your products and services and you’ll lose customers and you really need to hire those programmers.


Their script's pricing starts at $19.99/month. We all love those products with competitive pricing that offers more affordable than in their competitors. When browsing with other script-makers which offers the same features. I found out that Xeoncoder has the fair pricing for all of its customers against its competitors. Their competitors are over-pricing (if you gather all data from its competitors). Below is their pricing table. 


As what I’ve said recently, if you’re unsure of what will you going to do. You can always try to contact their support team so they can assist you in the installation of the script. Otherwise, included in the package is an installation guide in which it’s really helpful, a step-by-step guide.


The owner or the one who made the script really protects the script from illegal use of hackers and for those who have interest to modify the script. The script is encoded with Zend Guard to encode the source code so it will not be modified by any programmers or hackers. Unlike UseTitan, they don’t encode the source codes rather the script won’t work if it isn’t connected to the customer panel of the customer in UseTitan’s website and the admin panel for the individuals who are using the script is in UseTitan’s secure website database.


Like their competitors they have the same features in terms of their customer’s business security. They have the same I.P Logger/I.P restriction which blocks users using their I.P’s when they try to cheat or hack the system (to make more points without doing offers, ads and etc.). It has also anti-sql injection global system for most professional hackers, and all incoming data logger that will log the user's interaction on the script.


It has the same pros and cons of features against its competitors. But the only downside is their offer walls offering. We believe that the more offer walls, the more income we can gain but as of now, their latest script version only supports three (3) CPA offer walls which are SuperRewards, OfferToro and Virool. But as of writing this, we contacted them and they replied that they will be supporting on forthcoming versions of their script which supports more offer walls. If you want to see more features visit their website HERE <-- CLICK THAT!


Not only that they care for your business, they want it to grow more. The more beautiful the website is the more customers will be willing to register. Most likely, users who visit website with ugly User Interface (UI) design, they will leave it without reading most from your website. There are several websites that offers design for your script, you can Google them. And in terms of customer support, they offer almost 24/7 customer support with friendly and helpful staffs out there.


How's it on the other scripts? Well, you must be confused on how to manage the website but with Xeoncoder you can do of what you want to do with the software from base to core. When you can configure its core and settings then that’s your business.


YOU ARE THE BOSS, THE MANAGER, THE OPERATOR, perhaps the FOUNDER and the CEO? (what else you can name) and sit back, relax while looking at your computers and laptops watch your website grows and watch your income that will really blow your mind! It's a must try, this is a lifetime business that will blow your world. Just manage and the users of your website will do the work for you!


A script that really values customers that wants to start this kind of business. Features as same as its competitors. It has its own pros and cons that you may not worry since you’re just starting your business and slowly throttling it up. We can say that this is a MUST-TRY for starting a business like Clixsense and Neobux. And in terms of pricing, I can say this is the best of the best.


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