Yah Jawani Hai Dewani Success Story

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The Film of Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani appeared to be a real blockbuster of the nature grossing the biggest hit of Actor Ranbir Kapoor. The awesome work done by him along with the co-star Deepika Padukone made it a real good film. Just the perfect touch was put up with the presence of Aditya Roy Kapoor along with the effects of Kalki Koechlin. The story was concepted around for any man who always wanted to achieve his dream should never leave it. The dream of Bunny, The Ranbir Kapoor as he always wanted was actually to enjoy his life for every moment. He even wished to see the sorrowness of life but the only thing he was not prepared was for the Stopping in Life. The film sequences about a group o friends going together for a trip in a different location altogether. The effect of the most special moments they had shared together in means of laughter and fun had turned their lives. At the end of the trip they all were aparted but in life they were connected and they came back again being together in a wedding party. Consequences change and Bunny fall in love with Naina. The total concept of the Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani was really spectacular and the concept had really emerged out to be a good experience for the people who viewed this. The consequences had brought in several dominations in the box office incoming a gross amount of 188 Crore INR. The most featured film had almost caught all entities o life and it behaved as a good entertainer of all time. The main shooting was done in parts of Shimla and Rajasthan with lots of enthusiasm. The song of Battameez Dil appeared to be very much entertaining.

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