Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

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If you arrive at Akihabara in Tokyo ,expecting to shop for items that are neither electronics nor otaku memorabilia, you’ve come to the wrong place. But fear not, there are a few options for you too!

For electronics (and more), the huge Yodobashi Camera is a fixture that’s hard to miss. Because it also sells toys and souvenirs, it feels more like a department store than just an electronics retailer. Its rival, Sofmap, also offers electronics at good prices, although Yodobashi Camera, with its signs in different languages, seems better equipped to deal with tourists.

Duty-free retailer Laox may no longer be doing as well as it was during its glory days, when it had more shops all over Akihabara, but it’s still worth checking out, especially for its souvenirs.

If you plan to buy souvenirs for several people, they have small keychains that aren’t too expensive but, at the same time, not too touristy in appearance.


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