Zipping Up and Down the Slide as a Unit

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Laura VasileThe GMRF is not just an organization, it’s a global family.  The bonds that are formed at the “Dare to Dream House” are so unique, and they carry this bond wherever they go.  These kids, who are from all parts of the globe, and have been through absolutely horrific experiences, are able to come together and operate as a team. 

During a field trip to a pool in Long Island, I witnessed something very special.  Waad is fearless.  Though missing a leg, an arm, and an eye, he jumped right into the pool, never looking back.  Sajjad, on the other hand, is naturally more cautious.  So, Ngawang, who is missing both his arms, carried Sajjad, who is missing a leg, on his back, while guiding Ahmed, who is blind, up six flights of steps to the water slide.  All of course, while Waad hopped, skipped, jumped, and weaved around them.  These four banded together, literally leaning on each other, making up for one’s weakness with another’s strength.  It was a truly incredible sight, and a beautiful example of their connection. 

Prior to this, sweet Sajjad was squeezing my hand for reassurance; he was wary of the slide, afraid he would not emerge from the water surface-- unsure of his footing and afraid to let go.  Within an hour, all of them had found confidence in themselves through the assurance of their global family.  Sajjad and the gang were zipping up and down the slide as a unit, seemingly unaware of their prior hesitations.

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