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Zong Dial Tunes

ZONG dial tunes give you a chance to Say it all even before you pick up your caller's phone. When your friends call you, they no longer have to hear that boring old 'dial-tone' Instead, they can groove to the hottest new tracks on the music scene!

How to Activate

"Dial 230 or send Reg to 230"

How to De-activate

Send "Unreg"to 230@Rs.1+tax/sms

Package Subscription Charges Registration Package Switching
Daily (1 Day) Rs 1.50+t REG D or REGD to 230 SUB D or SUBD to 230
Monthly (30 Days) Rs 25+t REG M or REGM to 230 SUB M or SUBM to 230
Quarterly (90 Days) Rs 60+t REG Q or REGQ to 230 SUB Q or SUBQ to 230

Visit this link to get your favourite dial tunes.




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