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Hello everyone, my name is Pokematic. I've been with Bitlanders since the FilmAnnex days. I wouldn't say that I'm "a top user," but I do have over 700 subscribers and a buzz score that hovers around 20-30. I've made a decent name for myself here I believe, and today I'd like to share with you the secrets to my success, so that you too, can be a moderately successful user. With 4 different avenues of making content, you have many options. I'll start with "Movies."

Now don't let the suggested videos that get put on the home page intimidate you. You don't have to have the high production value that they have to be successful. Bitlanders is for video sharing, like youtube. You can upload lets plays, webcam vlogs, funny things your cat does, cute things your kids do, anything that isn't against the terms of use. I got my start doing video podcasts that I recorded on my phone on my drive to work. People really enjoyed what I had to say, even though the video quality was pretty terrible. I then got into doing lets plays with my friends, and even though it's low quality, recorded off my TV using my cheap web-cam, people enjoy watching them. I do have some higher quality videos, but my bread and butter is the low production level lets plays and podcasts. Don't be afraid of the quality, just make some videos.

Or maybe videos aren't your thing. Well, blogs are a great way to talk about thing without having to get behind a camera. I've been blogging for years. My primary blog is with blogger, so what I did with bitlanders is to use their blogging platform as a place to put my "missfit blogs," blog posts that don't really fit with the tone of my blogs on blogger; things like movie reviews that are short, little stories that are kind of stupid, and all other things. I made a step by step guide to straining cooking oil, and it's successful. Really. If you have something to say, just blog it.

But maybe you're a "photographer." You like instagram. You like making internet memes. You like making images. Well, you can upload them to bitlanders in photo galleries. You have 20 selfies from last month, instead of putting them on facebook for "likes," put them on bitlanders for bitcoin. Love taking pictures of your dog, there are dog lovers here, so make a gallery and show us your dog. Anything so long as it's legal.

Or maybe none of this is your thing. Maybe you just have something quick to say, a little nugget of wisdom if you will. Well, bitlanders has microblogs, a twitter like platform for you to post your thoughts in 160 characters or less. That's 20 characters more than twitter. If you love to tweet, bitlanders will pay you in bitcoin AND give you 20 extra characters. I have nuggets of wisdom all the time, and it's a great way to inform your audience about what's going on with your content.

Now with all this info, there is one thing you must consider. Never, under any circumstances, just tell people to "buzz/sub you back." Don't go to blogs and say "buzz me back." Don't go to videos and say "buzz me back." Don't make microblogs addressed to people saying "I subbed you sub me back." That's called spamming, and no one likes that. Buzzing is a way to show you liked someone's content, not to say "I scratch your back you scratch mine." Subscribing is a way to keep up with the content someone produces, because you like it, not a way to say "I scratch your back you scratch mine." I appreciate all my subscribers and buzzes, because it validates the work that I do. Don't ask people for validation, just make content that people like and validation will naturally come to you. Plus, it's a 1-way ticket to the ban hammer.

Well, I hope this has been an informative experience. I will close this out the same way I've been doing for 5 years. This has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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