Electronic City

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Electronic city is a town that all the services, governmental or private, are done online always, in seven days of a week with high quality and security by using information and communication technology. In this city all the needed services are done by information delivery networks, so there is no need for physical movements of the citizen for the governmental or private services. No one come out home for work, everything is possible online, it is not crowded, but with updated equipments.

There is no limitation of time and place. Geographical borders do not mean anymore, it is a village by the area of the world. Discipline is the great privilege of an electronic city; the life quality is predictable based on this discipline.  As it is shown in the science fiction movies, crowded, without plants and full of cables city is not correct, in contrast it is quiet city with nice nature and calmness. There are not different and huge stores, but all are changed to the virtual stores in the internet. It happens the same for most of the state and private institutions.

Security and authentication is one of the other privileges of the electronic city. As, you are doing all your shopping and deals online, so there is no thief to threat you, and take your money. All the payments and receipts are done online. The accountancy is also online; as soon as possible you can find if there are any problems. If an amount of money be stolen online, the insurance will compensate it. An electronic city helps to decreases the expenses and increases the investments that help the economical growth and development of that society.

Powerful communication system with high standard applications and accessories is the greatest need of an electronic city. The citizen should have the abilities  of using the new systems and culture of living in the new city which is quite different from traditional cities. An electronic city is completely a modern place for living with its special faults. Depressions and spiritual challenges are going to be the most famous and challenging problems of all. It will be completely depended on new technology and online communication. If any problems happen on the system, everything will be interrupted, and high price of making an electronic city are the other disadvantages of these cities. 

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