Google Cloud Platform opening new data center for East Coast customers

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As Google grows its cloud business, it is also planting more data centers around the globe.


 ountain View, Calif.-headquartered company announced on Thursday morning that it is establishing a new region based in South Carolina for U.S. East Coast customers.

Google now has more than a dozen data center locations scattered across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

The Berkeley County, South Carolina facility will initially support Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL with extended support to Google App Engine down the line.

Jay Judkowitz, a senior product manager on the Google Cloud Platform team, described some of therenewable building blocks in a blog post, touting the cooling effects of snow and seawater.

"Besides lowering latency to those on the US East Coast, the addition of the South Carolina location gives customers across North America the capability to build multi-region disaster recovery plans for their applications running on Google Cloud Platform," Judkowitz added.

Furthermore, Google Cloud Platform is also pushing four regional storage buckets into general availability.

Along with the new U.S. East 1 data center in South Carolina, these buckets are rooted in Belgium, Taiwan and Iowa, holding data stored through Google's Standard, Durable Reduced Availability, and Nearline Storage offerings.


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