Google Play Music Will Let You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free

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Have you been looking for a place in the cloud to store all of the digital music you have stored on your hard drive? Maybe a better question would be, “Have you been looking for a place to store it without spending a bunch of money?” After all, you’ve already (hopefully) legally purchased the music, why should you have to pay more money to store it as well? Well, it seems Google Play Music agrees with you, as they’ve recently announced they’ll let you store up to 50,000 songs in their cloud for the gigantic price of free. (They used to let you “only” store 20,000 songs, so this is quite the update).

Google Play Music Will Let You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free

In case you’re wondering about another service, like iTunes Match which does essentially the same thing, it will cost you about $25 a year, and will only let you upload 25,000 songs (not including iTunes purchases). With Google Play Music, you get double the song storage capacity for none of the price – I think I know which choice I would make. Actually, I did make the choice, as I’ve been on the fence about iTunes Match for a while now, and my music is uploading to Google’s big cloud in the sky as I write this.

In case you’re wondering why anyone would ever want to store their music in the cloud, the big answers are probably simplicity and convenience; doing so allows you to use an app to access all of your music wherever you are. In the car? No problem. Traveling? No problem. Your music’s always with you, which is most definitely a good thing.


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