How to Get a Passing Grade?

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I bet exam days are considered the worst school day by most of the students. If it’s just okay for them to be absent on that particular day, a lot of classrooms will be empty. But remember, be absent and you’ll suffer. For those who loves studying and reading a lot, exam days are just ordinary day. They read, they take the exam and they pass.

The secret in passing a test is too study. Don’t expect to get a passing score if you didn’t even your notes. Don’t be a fool believing you can do it on your own. Even geniuses study. But there are instances that even you study, you still get low score. Here are some tips in studying that may help you in your study habits.

  • Study one week before exam.

Other people say you will forget it but it’s not. You’ll even remember it more. Studying the night before the exam is usually the common mistake the students do. Keep on doing that and you’ll find yourself experiencing block-out.

  • Schedule your review.

Choose a time when your mind is at best. Usually it’s early in the morning (3am-5am) because this is the time when your mind is still fresh and free from a lot of stress.

  • Sleep.

Take a rest the night before the exam. Don’t over study. Do only a little scan and then go to bed. This will help you prepare your mind and body for tomorrow.

  • Listen attentively.

It is always polite to listen to your teacher when lecturing. But aside from that, you will absorb more the information. More likely, that will become your stock knowledge (schemata). If that’s the case, you didn’t need to study much. A little reading will do.

  • Eat chocolate or any other sweets while studying.

Study shows that this will help you absorb and remember more the things you’re studying.

  • Understand what you are reading.

Memorizing as you understand the text is best. Pure memorizing will help but just a little. Understand is needed.

Some little help in memorizing:

  1. Make an acronym of every first word. e.g. KISS — Keep It Short and Simple
  2. Associate it with something. e.g. orange — buzz
  3. Memorize the important ones only.
  4. Write what you memorize.

Through this you’ll know things you need to focus more.

There are a lot more tips out there but I only focus on a few and simple yet easy things. Actually, studying is not really that hard. If you’ll just do it by heart, I’m sure you’ll pass all your subjects. Don’t think studying is not fun. You can enjoy while doing this. You’ll be amazed by these little things you’ll discover in your reading. Studying always goes with reading. Make it your passion or your habit. Then you’ll surely enjoy every minute of your student life.

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