Muslim Countries In Focus (Part - II)

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In view of these objectives Pakistan had to develop close relations with the Islamic world.

Pakistan and Iran

Iran, a Muslim country, has common border with Pakistan Iran is the most dependable ally of Pakistan which has stood by our side at any time of need. Pakistan and Iran are linked together in the bonds of Islamic fraternity of culture and civilization. The First Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan Liaquat Ali Khan paid an official visit to Iran which was reciprocated by the King of Iran Shah Reza Shah Pehlvi. an agreement between Pakistan and Iran has concluded in 1050 by which Iran promoted to give oil to Pakistan for its requirements. 

Pakistan and Iran became the members of the famous R.C.D agreement concluded between Turkey, Pakistan and Iran on 21st July 1064. The R.C.D agreement provided greater opportunities to both countries to come closer and cooperate in a number of fields. This agreement was based on mutual assistance in cultural social, educational, economic and other fields aimed at the promotion of human welfare in respective countries. The R.C.D has now been converted to E.C.O (Economic co-operation Organization) with a greater stress on the uplift of the people of three member states. Iran has always extended its most sincere and vocal support to Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

The relation between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are developed on the bonds of Islam. A glaring similarity between the two Muslim brother countries is viable in the religious and cultural spheres. Saudi Arabia is a dependable ally of Pakistan which had always come to our help at any time of need. Saudi Arabia has always extended generous assistance to Pakistan for its economic development. Saudi Arabia has always extended full support to Pakistan's political point of view. It extended its recognition to the government of Pakistan immediately after independence. Saudi Arabia gave every assistance to Pakistan during the wars of 1065 and 1971. The second summit conference of the O.I.C (Organization of the Islamic Conference) was held in Lahore in 1974 mainly due to the sincere efforts of Shah Faisal. Saudi Arabia declared the establishment of Bangladesh as a conspiracy against Pakistan unity and solidarity.

Pakistan has always extended its support to the Arab cause. There are cordial relations between the people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In view of its relation with the Saudi Government and the people, Pakistan named its most important city of Lyallpur as Faisalabad to pay homage and tribute to Late King Faisal.

Pakistan and Turkey

Turkey has occupied an important place in the Islamic world. It has been a seat of caliphate, an institution which, the Muslims all over the world has held in highest respect. Turkey and Pakistan were the members of CENTO (Central Treaty Organization). Pakistan and Turkey are linked together by agreement of R.C.D which has now converted to C.E.O, R.C.D is an agreement aimed at promoting regional development in various aspects of social life of the three member states of Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. The leaders and heads of state of these countries have been exchanging goodwill visits to each other's country.

An agreement of defence production and technical services was signed between Pakistan and Turkey on 11th March 1987. The Turkish Defence Minister represented has country for signing the pact in Islamabad. The Government of Turkey and Pakistan by this agreement have agreed to co-operate in the fields of defence, production and mutual assistance in research and development this agreement is valid for five years and further extendable to any lenght of period through mutual consultations.

Pakistan and Egypt

Egypt is an important country in the North Africa. It has been Egypt is an important country in the North Africa. It has been a kingship from the beginning which was demolished by the Egyptian commander in Chief General Muhammad Najib in 1956. Although Egypt is a Muslim country, yet it could not develop cordial relation with Pakistan. The Egyptian Government did not extend its support to the demand of Pakistan during Pakistan Movement and expressed its soft corner for the Indian point of view.

The Government of Egypt saw in the emergence of Pakistan as a biggest Islamic state, a dire threat to its posture and claim as the leader of the Islamic world.

President Hosni Mubarak, since coming into power has expressed his desire to develop close and friendly connections with Pakistan. Late President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan played a prominent role in bringing Egypt back to the O.I.C Egypt membership of O.I.C has been suspended since Israel-Egypt accord at camp David Zia-ul-Haq praised Egypt, during Fourth summit conference of O.I.C to restore membership of O.I.C to Egypt.