The 2014 election of Afghanistan

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In democratic governments, the power takes its legality from people, and gets form by people’s desire, satisfaction and request. It means the people of the country determine the system of the government, the leader, the constitution, the related rules and laws. Every related thing to their destiny and situation is determined by their vote. The leaders are only the keepers of power and executors of law as the authority which is given by the people. The leadership period of a person is specified, after that the leader will be changed. It is being done in most of the countries. Afghanistan is a country with dark past of governance. It experimented long years of cruelly kingdom, secular republic government, a communist democratic republic, an Islamic republic government and a dogmatic and primitive regime of the Taliban. Then in 2001 when the Taliban regime collapsed, a new system according to the democracy came to power. With all the problems, difficulties and challenges that the government has in itself and is facing to; it is the best government in 94 years independence history of Afghanistan.


                After the collapse of Taliban in 2001, in new government, 2014 election is the third presidential election of the country. In two passed elections, immense cases of elective frauds happened, and caused serious political problems in the country. In the past election, the elective crisis continues about nine months and at the end no one of the candidates was able to take the sufficient percentages of people’s vote to be the president. So, after a long period of elective crises, the problem solved, not by the people’s vote but by a politics body from the congress of the United States of America. Hamid Karzai the first candidate could get only about 47.5 percents of the people’s votes. So, he became the president. The third presidential election is going to be hold in May of 2014. Most of the people do not trust in election and democracy, based on what happened in the past elections. Security is also a very important factor, which is needed for the election to be held. But, unfortunately the security situation of Afghanistan is going wrong day by day, the explosions, the suicide attacks, the Taliban and other terrorist groups’ war is getting wider. So, beside the fraud, disobeying from the law during the election, corrupted officials’ interventions, the foreign government interventions, the Taliban and other terrorist groups’ risk will endanger the election process and its result.


To prevent the problems and challenges that happened before, in the past elections, our government, political parties, political sides, oppositions, all should think it as a way to show the people’s will and request. All we should respect to the law and the facts. People should be able to elect their president without any pressure, worry, anxiety and scare. They should have time to choose who they think is the best person for the country. As, Afghanistan is the country of racial minorities, all should respect the people’s judgment completely, to prevent any misunderstanding and make a way for a safe, democratic, secure, free and powerful future.

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