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We take a lot of work on our smartphone with the help of voice. Many works may be done faster by the voice assistance. By remembering right voice commands you can quickly throughout many things by your existing smartphone .

Android: Google Now

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You can launch the Google Voice Assistance in most smartphones and Android Wear Devices. For this, you will have to say "OK Google" or you can directly tap on the microphone icon. Its voice assistance is quite detailed .

Smart calling

To call a contact using voice assistance has been quite common. Contact your relationship with (the mother, Dad, Sister, Brother) then you can say "call Dad". It will take your call immediately. Voice Assistant will automatically search for relevant contacts and calls. This trick works smoothly on contacts with the nickname. 

Language Translation

During a journey, the language is most difficult for peoples. Many times it happens, there is only one language, but the pronunciation becomes a problem. Whenever you face this kind of trouble and then can launch Voice Assistance and can say like, "How do you say water in Japanese?" It will find out what the Japanese call the water.


"OK Google" works in combination with Google Now. The service can set location-based reminders. You can add reminders to the location. You can say when I go in City mall remind me for buying sleeper. When you visit the mall in your reminder will pop-up and work will be completed.

The follow-up question

If you had to ask specific questions to Google, you can ask follow-up questions. You asked about the review of a movie, you can ask any questions about the lead actor. Google will understand that you are talking about the same movie and you get responses accordingly. It's quite useful.

Text via third party apps

"OK Google" also works with third-party apps. If you are a heavy user then by the help of assistance can send an instant message via compatible apps. You just have to say "send a message to Peter on WhatsApp. This command now works well with Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, and WeChat.


 iOS: Siri

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Although originally Siri is an iOS application, but who made him the company acquired by Apple in 2010. Apple sensed Siri in the Devices by 2011, at that time Apple had launched iPhone 4S.


This capability comes with iOS 9. For example, if you are looking for the restaurant on the web. Siri can tell you when it will open. Siri will be understood the mean of "It" and she will understand himself that you want to know restaurant opening time. Also, any email to be received, you can say to Siri for reminding. Siri will find out what you were doing and were in APP.

Search from picture

Siri access your I device's photo album and show special place, time or photo album. You may say show photo of this year's November 10. Show the photo of New York trip. If you are an OS X user and already setup I-photo 'Faces', then you may ask Siri to search the particular person's photo.

Teach your name

Siri is quite complicated to pronounce the Indian names. Siri called you by the name and the correct pronunciation of the name does not say then you can say "my name is not pronounced right. Siri will ask to speak it well. Siri will eventually reach near real pronunciation and the correct pronunciation of your name will start.

Bounce the coin

If you do heads or tails and the coin is not available then you can take the help of Siri. For playing board games, also you can take the help of Siri. Siri with the passage of time, you will not feel that it is virtual. Siri can do for you many interesting works smoothly throughout.

Change settings

Voice can change your settings instead tap and swap. You can say, do not disturb, cancel all the alarms or brighten the screen. If you are not able to see the app icon, then can say open the calculator or launch the Kindle. If your hands are not free, you can say to Siri for read new messages.

 Android, iOS, Windows: Cortana

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As Computers and smartphones increasing using of Windows 10. India has more and more users are using Cortana. Not that Cortana is lagging behind in terms of function Google or Apple. Cortana actually now officially available for Android and iOS Devices .

Location-based reminders

Cortana can set location-based reminders for Windows 10 Devices . For this, you will have to take on the name of the location and reminder. If you visit the location then it will identify the locations and will show the reminder.

Person-based Reminders

This feature is missing in the Google and Apple assistance. In the talking of a particular person, Cortana can set to remind you about specific topics. When you call the tagged person it will pop-up reminders on the screen.

The person's identity

Cortana comes with built-in voice recognition. This can create your special voice recognition of your specific voice. This way you will work faster on the given voice commands and other commands will be ignored. Do not expect assistance from the voice that it will start functioning fast in once. It takes a time to improve it.



 Voice Assistance Options

Google, Apple and Microsoft's Pre-loaded Device her own voice assistance, but the other option the voice assistant-

  1. Dragon Mobile Assistance (Android only)
  2. (iOS & Android)
  3. Robbin (Android only)
  4. AIVC (Android only)
  5. Sherpa Beta (Android only)
  6. Skyvi (Android only)
  7. Indigo (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  8. Utter! (Android only)
  9. Dragon Go (iOS only)
  10. Speaktoit Assistance (iOS only)

Google Now vs Siri (video source: YouTube)

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