2 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Sochi Olympics

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It’s only been several days since the start of the 22nd Winter Games held in Sochi, Russia and  already I’m hooked. Recently, I scooted out to the laundry room and pressed my TV remote on pause during the Ice skating competition, and hoped to rush back to watch the last competitors. In the hallway, I could hear other people watching the same program. In fact, right about now, millions of people around the world are watching the Olympics and there are plenty of reasons why you, too, should watch too, if you aren't already.

Here are just a few reasons:

1.  It’s wholesome family entertainment. You don’t have to worry about exposing your kids to seeing violence or listening to coarse language on television. Young and old will be watching and cheering with intensity at all the great, competitive athletes coming from around the world to compete at the Sochi Olympics, held from Feb 7 to Feb 23.

Watching the opening ceremonies a few days ago, I was speechless over the incredible artistic and musical performances on display. As all the athletes from various countries paraded into the stadium, it was also moving to see the excitement and pride in the faces of all the athletes dreaming of bringing home a metal and making their respective countries proud.

I also loved the spectacular dancing and the wonderful musical and theatrical performances displayed during the opening ceremony, which featured a flying girl, colorful displays, live animals, incredible multimedia displays showcasing modern Russia and fireworks, set to classical music . The ceremony was the perfect place to learn about all facets of Russian history and we learned about all its great inventors, scientists, artists, musicians and writers like Tolstoy, whose masterpiece, War and Peace, was set to music and dance, and featured the famous Russian ballerina Diana Vishneva.

I am sure that the closing ceremonies of the Olympics will be equally memorable and spectacular.

2. Another reason to watch the Olympics centers on the fact that we can marvel at the incredible athleticism. Parents can teach their young kids that it takes discipline, practice, courage and determination to be an Olympic athlete. While listening to the sports commentaries, I also learned that some of the athletes have bounced back from serious injuries, and even surgeries to compete in the Olympics. We can also appreciate how hard and how long it takes to be an Olympic athlete, many starting at a young age and many facing overwhelming obstacles to compete.

While we can’t all be an Olympic athlete, perhaps watching the Olympics may make some us more fitness- conscious, and find that adults and young people may  take up new sports, and may even consider  learning to  skate or ski. Being healthy and fit is a good thing for everyone, young and old.

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