3M gets people to climb stairs for charity

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3M is really innovative when it comes to charity giving.


It sponsors a program where the participants can help charity by walking up the stairs.


3M will donate stationery for needy students as long as a person walks in multiple of 100 steps up the stairs.


Many people participate in this event.  Some of them are students.  Some of them are employees in big companies.


They walk so many steps that 3M has to donate S$120,000 worth of goods to the needy students.


I hope that this event becomes an island-wide event for all.


I will definitely participate.  It is good for the needy students, the participants, and the employees of 3M.  

I think we need more walking events that are sponsored by companies.

It is good when you can help the needy by walking up and down stairs when you have no money to donate to the poor.

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