41° Film Festival in Gramado announces the films on these competition

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41° Film Festival in Gramado announces the films on these competition.

Selected 34 short and 14 long, between nationals and foreigners. 
The event takes place on 9-17 of August in the city of Sierra in Gramado-RS, Brazil.

The list of competing films at the 41st Film Festival , that takes place annually in the city of Gramado-RS at the SierraIn this edition, 850 films were enrolled, 48% more than last year.

Again like the past 40th Festival of cinema in Gramado the weather is Rainny and now its snow with temperatures of -1°C tipic for the region thats is unique in the South of Brazil more because is near Argentina where cames the polar wind and cloud masses to the country but instead of the weather conditions the public is very good and will see a very good espectacle of the movies selected for these competition.

We selected 18 short and 16 Brazilian gauchos, more eight long and six foreign nationals films. The opening film will be the long Rare Flowers, Bruno Barreto.

Short gauchos Films (18)

Armada (2012) 
Memories of Grandpa (2013) 
Catalogárgula (2013) 
Codename Beija-Flor (2012) 
Love Contract (2012) 
Ed (2013) 
Interview (2012) 
Holiday (2012) 
Kassandra (2012) 
L 'anime (2012) 
Logo Ali the South (2013) 
News Thy (2013) 
The Matador Bage (2012) 
The Strangers (2012) 
The Movies Are Alive (2013) 
Ferris Wheel (2012) 
We Are All Islands (2012) 
Took Coffee Waited (2013)

National Short Films (16)

The Razor's Grandfather (2013) - SP 
The Voice of the Well (2013) - SP 
Lullaby (2013) - MA 
Arapuca (2012) - SP 
Butt (2012) - BA 
Chargers Monte Serrat (2012) - SP 
Colostrum (2013) - SP 
Wild West: An Authentic Wester (2013) - GO 
Shit! (2013) - MG 
Bage The Matador (2012) - RS 
The Movies Are Alive (2013) - RS 
Mai The Brothers (2013) - SP 
Little Over A Month (2013) - MG 
Sana (2013) - MG 
Simulacrum Praecipiti ( 2013) - SP 
took coffee and waited (2013) - RS

Long national Films (8)

The Gross Flower Want (2013) - SP 
Collection Invisible (2012) - BA 
Until the Sbórnia Us Part (2013) - RS 
Eden (2013) - RJ 
The Friends (2013) - SP 
First Day Any One Year (2012) - RJ 
Revealing Sebastião Salgado (2012) - RJ 
Tattoo (2013) - EP

Foreign features Films (6)

The West End of the World (2013) - Argentina / Brazil (co-production) 
Cazando Luciérnagas (2013) - Colombia 
El Father of Gardel (2013) - Uruguay 
Puerta de Hierro - El Exilio de Perón (2012) - Argentina 
Note Well (2012) - Portugal 
Venimos Muy Lejos (2012) - Argentina

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